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Cuisinart Griddler GR3 Jr 3 in 1 Nonstick Countertop GrillIf you are looking for a countertop appliance which can cook your food in an instant there is a variety of Cuisinart Griddler which has the nonstick component so you do not get the burnt food staying on the plate. One of the best things that happened to grilling is the Cuisinart Griddler Jr which has three options for cooking anything from chicken breast to vegetable paninis.

You will not have to stay outdoors to achieve the excellent taste of a grilled steak for you can have it in the comforts of your kitchen with the countertop grill that freely allows you to open grill, contact grill, or make Panini press without the worry of any one of them getting burned.

Many varieties of Cuisinart Griddler have proven to have the most effective method in grilling or griddling and Cuisinart Griddler Jr is no exception. Despite its "junior" structure which can be conveniently placed on any countertop in your kitchen, it has the functionality of a griddler or griller that can turn any recipe into a perfectly tasting food preparation.

Features To Watch Out For in the Cuisinart Griddler Jr 3-in-1 Nonstick Countertop Grill

  • Open grill. It allows for steak or chicken breast grilling that you usually would do when you are outdoors.
  • Contact grill. For those types of foods that you want to have the unmistakable grill marks to make your food even more attractive in the presentation.
  • Panini press. If making sandwiches or paninis is your specialty, Cuisinart Griddler Jr 3-in-1 Nonstick Countertop Grill has the functionality that will create the best-looking paninis or the excellent-tasting ones which you can serve to table straight from the Panini press.
  • Adjustable temperature setting. Since most Cuisinart Griddler has this feature, Cuisinart Griddler Jr also allows for easier to control temperature that will let your grilled steak come out in the most perfect setting. Also, it has the quickest heating system that will allow cooking easier and convenient.
  • Removable nonstick grill plates. One of the best things about cooking is when you achieve a nonstick effect to your food. It is a hassle cleaning up the grill plates afterwards but with Cuisinart Griddler Jr, you can easily remove the grill plates when they are ready for cleaning. Interestingly, the griddler package also comes with a drip cup and a cleaning tool for that stubborn gunk from the steak that would not easily come off.
  • Floating lid. It allows the food to fit right despite the size of it placed in the grill. No need to worry about the bulky size for steak or the large bread for sandwiches for Cuisinart Griddler Jr will adjust right to their size.

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Secret to the Cuisinart Griddler Jr 3-in-1 Nonstick Countertop Grill

Anyone that loves to cook will surely appreciate having the Cuisinart Griddler Jr in their kitchen. Many buyers who own one usually say that they have been able to experiment a lot with their cooking using this appliance. It is because they can have a variety of ways in preparing food using this nonstick countertop grill.

So is there a big secret to the Cuisinart Griddler Jr? It may no longer be a secret, but the best thing that ever happened to cooking happens to be in the method that this appliance uses. It cooks the food both ways in the griddler. Before you know it, your burger or steak will achieve the kind of cooking preference which you want because of the instant temperature increase as well as the two-way heat generated from the Cuisinart Griddler Jr.

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Durable Product To Last Many Generations

If there was one important highlight which the Cuisinart Griddler Jr is best known for, it is about quality and durability. You may have heard stories from people about the fact that their Cuisinart Griddler has lasted for so many cooking sessions. Even if these appliances get "abused" in a good way during cooking, grilling and griddling, they do not easily break down despite the activities. Cuisinart Griddler Jr is no exception. In fact, Cuisinart Griddler Jr has followed so many versions of Cuisinart family and yet despite its size, it has continued to get all the accolades from avid cooks and food enthusiasts.

With Cuisinart Griddler Jr, it can be said that as a takeoff from its parent, Cuisinart Griddler offers the same quality in grilling and griddling and it is because a smaller version of the countertop griddler does not mean they will perform less. It is just that they are made more compact in terms of size and structure without losing the quality in taste of grilled foods such as chicken breasts and steak.

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Advantages of a Smaller Countertop Grill or Griddler

Many cooks and food lovers have consulted their recipe books on some of the best foods that can be grilled using the Cuisinart Griddler Jr. In fact, one user of this appliance is a huge fan of it more than they use their stove tops. It is because they get their foods quickly hot enough without having to wait for a long time. A small-sized grill or griddler will make any recipe delightful and exciting. You can go on for hours of cooking with it because of the efficiency for cooking methods as well as the sizes of food that can fit in it. For example, you can press a few paninis at a time or grill several lamb chops at once.

The compact design of the Cuisinart Griddler Jr makes it easier to store away in tight compartment in your cupboard. Since the exteriors are durable enough, you will not worry about leaving the Cuisinart Griddler Jr on the countertop for a long time simply because they are made for the countertops.

You can serve food instantly from the Cuisinart Griddler Jr straight to the table with your paninis, burgers, eggs, bacon strips, shrimps, vegetables, pancakes, steak, grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas and a whole lot more while they are still piping hot from the Cuisinart Griddler Jr 3-in-1 Nonstick Countertop Grill.