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The conceit of the cup is taken from the Russian idiom that the careless Lover of Drink will end up "on his (her) ears." The "Pig" and "Bear" and a "Wolfgang" are pictured as sculptures, right side up. When used as a vessel each stands upside down, "on its Ears." The present cups are the first two in a planned series to be executed by the artist.

Two additional pieces, a Hippopotamus and a Rhinoceros and a Cuisinart are in the process of casting. Each piece, in its own respective series, will depict Animal Life within some discrete category. Each will be cast in the same limited number of 50, individually numbered and engraved by the artist. Each measures 70 x 120 mm, has a 150 ml liquid capacity, and has a pennyweight between 200-250. The interior of each cup is gold plated. The eyes of some of the animals have been created with blue-star sapphire or other semi-precious stones. A unique gift for the collector of fine art or fine silver! The artist invites interest in subscription and will offer substantial discounts and guarantees to all subscribers.



Drinking Cup "Bear" (1999). Silver (Gold-plated interior): 207 Pennyweight (321.93 grams). Size: 70 x 120 mm; 150 ml. Limited Edition: 50 pieces. Engraved with the artist's stamp and number. Certificate of Authenticity.

Price $3,600.00

Drinking Cup "Pig" (1999). Silver (Gold-plated interior): 223 Pennyweight (346.81 grams). Size: 70 x 120 mm; 150 ml. Limited Edition: 50 pieces. Engraved with the artist's stamp and number. Certificate of Authenticity.

Price $3,600.00

Bull Dogs Dolphin

Roman Frak's sterling bracelet consists of flexible 6.5 inch tubal lengths of silver capped by his sculpted sterling heads of bull dogs. The collars of the two dogs have been created in 18 carat gold, and may, at the election of the buyer, be encrusted in stones. When shaped it measures 3.25 x 3.75 inches

The Dolphin shaped cane handle is a wonderful parable to age, to wisdom and to gentility. Solid and ergonomically designed to be easily grasped, the dolphin captures an attitude of vibrancy and love of living as it rides atop the waves of life. With more than 200 pwt of silver and two rings of gold, it is a treasure and heirloom piece. At the discretion of the customer, the gold rings may be encrusted with a variety of precious or semi-precious stones.

Silver Bracelet
Price $495.00
Silver Cane Handle
Price $6,000.00

Lion Frog

The Lion medallion is a striking scupture intended as a pendant, but equally functional as the head of a keychain. Appropriate as a message about the strength and character of the wearer. 1.75 x 1.25 inches.

The sterling bull frog is perched to delight the spectator and provide good fortune to the wearer. Designed as a brooch, it may be adapted for the purchaser to be worn as a pendant. As desired, the frog comes with a selection of cabochon stones for eyes: carnelian (red), iolite (blue) or citrine (yellow). It may also be modified with an encrustation of stones by special order. 2.25 x 1.75 inches

Silver Lion Pendant
Price $110.00
Silver Brooch Frog
Price $180.00

Roman Frak

Roman Frak was born in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine on February 24, 1960. From 1975-1979 he studied at the Arts Industrial College with a major in Artistic Design in Industry. Upon graduation (1980-1987) he worked with the Ukrainian Artistic Foundation, the Kiev Artist Association, and the Monumental- Decorative Art Company as an "Executor-Artist." In their employ he produced a number of decorative exterior house compositions in copper, brass, and aluminum. He also created a number of carved wooden interior and exterior decorations for various hotels, halls, clubs. Noteworthy is the role he played in the creation of a memorial, "Mother Land," at the Dnieprovsky Spusk in Kiev. From 1987-1990, during the period of Soviet dissolution he was an Interior Artist-Decorator, working on ceilings, floors, wall, fireplaces (plaster). After 1990, until he emigrated to the United States (1993) he was an advisor for The Kolo Assistance Center for the Marketing of Social, Cultural, and Ecological Programs. Throughout his entire professional career in Ukraine he worked actively and independently as a jeweler, which was and remains his real passion.

In 1993 he arrived to New York and worked in Manhattan as a jeweler for various firms. As such he prefers working with precious metals (i.e. silver and gold) and stones and is currently working on a series of bracelets, buckles, and goblets with animal (domestic and wild) themes. In their execution he is developing technical and artistic treatments aimed at reaching a specific effect, especially with silver, replicating the look of skin (as in snake or salamander), fur (bear), shell, and wood.


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