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Last revised in November 2005
The Hudson-Neva Exchange

Designer Wooden Jewelry

Designer Wooden Jewelry from the Workshop of Vladimir Loewestamm

Crafted from Native Black Sea Woods

(Pistachio, Grey Mountain Ash and Walnut)


Baltic Amber Accents


About the Jeweler and his Workshop . . . . .

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Item # LV-N-034
Wooden Necklace
Regular: $45.00 Sale: $ 40.00

Featured Item Item # LVSS-100_723
Wood and Amber Choker-Bracelet Set
Regular: $60.00 Sale: $ 50.00

Featured Item Item #LV-BR-754
Wooden Bracelet
Regular: $15.00 Sale: $ 12.50

Item #LV-E-659
Wood and Amber Earrings
Regular: $10.00 Sale: $ 7.50

Item #LV-BL-903
Wood and Leather Belt
Regular: $40.00 Sale: $ 37.50

Item #LVSSS-049_632_742
Necklace-Earring-Bracelet Set
Regular: $32.50 Sale: $ 27.50

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