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Over the years, the people’s love for sandwiches has grown. Today, sandwiches are not only food that is eaten during snack breaks but a sandwich may already be a full meal. People eat sandwiches in the morning, during lunch and even late at night. This is why many manufacturers are now making their own Panini grills and sandwich presses to address the demand of the customers. There are really a lot of Panini grills available in the market today.

Panini Grills

These Panini grills are classified as indoor grills since these are used in the kitchen and they are quite smaller than other types of grills with live fire. This Panini grills buying guide will assist consumers who are planning to buy their own grill for their homes. Different essential components that a Panini grill must have will be discussed so that the list of potential buyers will narrow down until they can finally pick the perfect grill for their own.

There are different characteristics of Panini grills that a consumer must careful take note of before buying one. These characteristics can play an important role in the function of the grill.

1. Type

There are two general types of Panini grills and they are stovetop grills and electric grills. Both of these fall under the indoor grills category. Stovetop Panini grills are not so commonly used today. These grills are placed on top of live fire in stovetops and the bottom part of the grill will conduct heat towards the middle portion. This process may create an uneven Panini grilling and it can also lead to charring.

The other type which is the electric Panini grill is the more popular among the two. Around 95 percent of consumers use the electric types. Since these grills are automated, there is more control in cooking the Panini than in the very good thing about electric grills is the fact that the temperature can be adjusted to suit the consumer’s preference. With this temperature feature, users can even cook other items in the grill aside from sandwiches. The best Panini grills should be able to reach at least 400 degrees Fahrenheit to make the best Panini.

2. Grilling Surface

The grilling surfaces are also very important factors to check. Consumers should purchase a Panini grill that has dual grilling surfaces. This means that both the bottom and the top lids are capable of giving off heat. This will create an equal grill on both sides of the sandwich. This will also make the cooking time lesser. Having a floating hinge will also be a great plus. With this feature, any thickness of Panini will be grilled without any problem since the hinge will be able to adjust to that easily. There are a lot of Panini grills for sale that already have nonstick surfaces.

This should also be taken note of since having a nonstick surface will definitely matter when grilling. Cleaning the appliance will be easier and you will easily be able to remove the sandwich from the grill easily. This would also mean the sandwich will look intact, beautiful and very appetizing. Having a slanted grill is also another feature that buyers should look for in a grill. A grill that is slightly placed in an angle will allow oils and grease to slide down away from the food. This also makes the food healthier to eat.

3. Safety Features

Since Panini grills are using extremely high temperatures, it is imperative for potential buyers to take a closer look at the safety features of the Panini grill models. One of the innovations of these grills today is the stay cool handles. The handles should be made of another material which will not conduct heat and therefore will not burn the user. Another safety feature is the sturdy base. This is not only a design feature but there is definitely a function there too. With a wide and sturdy base, the Panini grill will be stable and will not wobble even during the cooking process.

Here are also some of the most popular brands that offer the best Panini grills in the market today.

1. Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press

Cuisinart has always been a leader in terms of making high quality and durable kitchen appliances and equipment. This Panini grill by Cuisinart is definitely a must buy kitchen equipment since it is surely worth its price. In just under 50 dollars, homeowners will now be able to enjoy their own home gourmet style pressed Panini anytime of the day. Aside from sandwiches, the Cuisinart GR-1 is also capable of grilling pork and vegetables.

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There are even people who use this grill to cook their sausages. All of these features are enjoyed for the price of one. The design is also very attractive since the outer casing of this grill is brushed stainless steel. The grilling plates of this appliance are all non-stick which makes it perfect for cooking. There is even an indicator light that turn on to inform the consumer that the temperature is now optimum for cooking. All of these features make this one of the greatest Panini grills for sale today.

2. Breville Panini Press

Breville is another well-known brand of kitchen equipment. An addition to their long line of quality items is their Panini press. One of the key features of this unit that sets it apart from other models is that it has a hinged top lid that can easily adjust to any thickness of bread. This will allow equal grilling on all surfaces of the bread no matter which side it is. The grilling plates are made of cast aluminum which conducts heat very well. Both top and bottom plates are also non-stick. There are also certain heat control options that the consumer can choose from including a “high-sear” setting. This means that aside from sandwiches, this can also be used for other food items like burger patties, stakes and side vegetables.

Choosing the right Panini grills is challenging but with the right amount of guidance, consumers will be able to pick from among the Panini grills for sale that is perfect for their use.