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Panini sandwiches are actually very popular today. These are not only eaten as snack items but some people actually consume these sandwiches as meals already. This is because a sandwich already has carbohydrates, greens and protein too. One reason why people love panini sandwiches is the fact that the filling of the sandwich can actually be anything from pork to beef. Any other ingredient can also be added like cheese and other flavors.

There are a lot of panini recipes that housewives can try at home. A panini sandwich is usually grilled using a pan, a traditional grill or a panini grill. The basic recipe of a panini sandwich usually revolves around the bread since this is a sandwich after all. There are actually different things that must be considered in order for one to achieve a very good panini. This guide will assist consumers and give tips on making the best panini at home.

1. Grill

Panini SandwichesThe very first thing that must be considered is the grill. Different types of grills can actually create varying results when it comes to making panini sandwiches. Stovetop grills like a grill pan or even a skillet can be used. Unfortunately, the cooking time will be doubled when using these since there is only one side that is exposed to the heat. Cooking may be uneven due to fluctuating temperatures of the flame.

But this step is actually one of the cheapest since stovetop grills are actually quite cheap and easy to find. An electric grill and a panini press can actually make the quickest panini sandwiches and they are also very easy to operate too. The downside of the electronic grills is the price since they are more expensive than stovetop grills. Cooking with an electronic grill also gives more control to the user since the temperature can be adjusted. Cooking time is also cut to half because both upper and lower lids can grill at the same time.

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2. Bread

The bread is actually the foundation of a good panini recipe. The most common bread used in a panini sandwich is Focaccia. Ciabatta is also quite common. These breads can be brought from the store or consumers can also follow a panini bread recipe and bake their own bread to use in the sandwich. Making focaccia bread is actually quite simple but it does take some time. First, flour is added with a mixture of lukewarm water and yeast.

This mixture becomes a sponge and should be allowed to set so that the yeast can activate. After 4 hours, the sponge is then added with different herbs that turns normal dough into focaccia dough. These herbs are rosemary and pepper. Once the dough is ready and all ingredients have been folded well, it can now be baked at 475 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. The bread should be allowed to cool before slicing. This bread can now be used in panini sandwiches and it shall be ready for grilling.

3. Grilling Time

The length of time that the sandwich will be in the grill will also play an important role in the success of the panini. It is always optimum to have a slightly crunchy outer layer of the bread while the inside of the bread is soft and warm. The crisp and the crunch can be achieved by brushing a little bit of butter onto the surface of the bread before grilling it. Olive oil may also be used. The perfect time must be set in order to melt the cheese inside the sandwich to get that ooze when someone bites it. But it is important to understand that wanting to achieve a crunchy surface does not mean the user have to char the sandwich. Charring can actually ruin the taste of the food and everything will be bitter.

4. Moist Ingredients

panini sandwichSince one of the secrets in achieving a very tasty and flavorful panini sandwich is the crisp factor of the bread, people who plan to make a panini should be very watchful of the moist ingredients that are to be added as filling. A lot of sandwich ingredients are actually quite moist like tomatoes and even the meat inside the panini can squeeze out moisture.

The last thing that a person wants is for the panini sandwiches to be mushy and soft. But a person just cannot get rid of all these moist ingredients since they can also add to the overall flavor of the sandwich. Well, the easiest way to solve this dilemma is to put all of the moist ingredients at the center of the sandwich away from the sides. For the protein, the cook can dip them in batter and deep fry them slightly to lock in the moisture instead of allowing them to drip out.

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5. Cutting

Of course, cutting the panini should also play an important role especially in the presentation of the sandwich. To prevent the panini from breaking, the best knife to use when cutting is straight-edge knife. A serrated knife can only cause jagged edges. A straight edge knife can create a smooth cut and the layers of the fillings of the homemade panini are definitely very visible when using this trick.

6. Greens

A panini will never be complete without those green leafy vegetables that are added inside. It is important to remember that the greens can actually burn and dry out during the grilling process. A good trick will be to add the greens immediately after the grilling is done. This will help keep the greens fresh and they can still remain tasty.

These are only some of the tricks the people at home can do when they make their own panini. It can also help to try out some of the best panini sandwiches around town. A good find will be the Panera Bread panini. Panera bread already has a lot of outlets all over the country and people can try their gourmet sandwiches. The last tip that is very useful is to let friends and family try the panini. This is one way to validate the success of the recipe or to edit some parts of the recipe too.