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Best Panini Maker

Your Home, Your Bistro

Nowadays, panini are not only popular, but quite delicious.  They can be made with healthy ingredients, or you can splurge with some of your comfort food favorites. Before, you would have to go to your nearby restaurant or grill to get a taste of these delicious sandwiches, but now you can buy a panini maker for home use. This not only saves you money, as restaurant sandwiches do have quite a mark up, but also allows you to use the ingredients you want to make your own delicious treat.

Panini actually came from Italy where they were called Panino (panini being the plural form). They basically were a sandwich made with rosetta or ciabatta bread and filled with Italian meats and cheeses. If they were toasted, they actually called them just toast. As they made their way over to the United States, they became a more specialized type of sandwich. In the 70's and 80's they really gained popularity in Milanese bars and began to resemble the panini that we know and love today.

How to make your own panini!

One great panini maker!To make your own panini, all you need is bread, usually ciabatta though many like sourdough or other thick breads; your favorite sandwich ingredients, whether yummy cold cuts or strictly vegetarian; and a panini press or maker. Some may wonder why they should buy an appliance simply to make a sandwich? Most panini makers on the market are quite versatile and in addition to sandwiches, you can make a large variety of other meals on them as well.

Making Panini isn't just good for lunch at home, but can be great for entertaining, especially if you have children.  Kids love being a part of the cooking process, and while an adult should mind the grill, they can choose what they want on their sandwiches as part of their lunch fun. Plus with the average Happy Meal price rising to almost $4 each in some states, this can be not only a cheeper option but a healthier one too.

Since the ingredients are the easy part, you should really focus on getting the best panini maker. As you can use them for many different things like grilling meats, cooking shish kabobs, making pancakes and bringing your outdoor grilling inside, you are going to get a lot of bang for your buck. Cuisinart and Wolfgang Puck make two of the most popular panini makers and for a very good reason. Though there are many brands out there on the market, you are going to want one that cooks your food evenly and quickly and you are going to want one that is going to last.  There isn't much point in spending money on a grill that you are going to have to replace in a year's time.

Panini Maker Reviews

The Wolfgang Puck WPRGG0010 is a very good choice for making panini, and though is a very good grill, is not really a panini press. Even though it doesn't squeeze the sandwich together as you might be used to seeing, it does grill it very well, and your sandwich will taste just as good.

The Wolfgang Puck's grill has flippable plates, so you can use it as a grill or a griddle. Great for making pancakes and eggs in the morning, grilling a sandwich for lunch and then throw some marinated fish or meat on it for dinner.  You might start to wonder why you even bother to have a stove.

This panini maker reviews are very good.  Most customers rave that it's the flattest griddle they've ever used and no longer have to worry about eggs and pancakes sliding all over the place.  Other customers rave about how hot the grill gets. Though there are comparable grills on the market, there aren't many that heat up the way the Wolfgang Puck grill does.

The Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler is also makes great panini. Because this grill not only presses the sandwich, but can open up flat for a grill that's twice as large and has changeable grill plates, it has great versatility. You can even open it up flat so you can grill on one side and use the other as a griddle, at the same time.

As the Cuisinart has the ability to close, it will press your sandwich together, just like they do at the fancy bistros. Plus, the removable plates are dishwasher safe, which means cleaning up is really easy at the end of the meal.

More reviews!

The reviews for the Cuisinart are also very good.  Many people complain that other grills tend to steam their food rather than grill it, but with the Cuisinart, they don't have that problem.  They also love the fact that it heats up in 5 minutes and like the Wolfgang Puck grill, also gets really hot. As far as the many grills on the market go, this one is one of the most versatile, one of the easiest to clean, and will cook your food very fast. They are also known to last.  One reviewer commented that his last grill lasted almost ten years before needing to be replaced. You don't find many things that last that long nowadays.

Let's face it, times are tight right now, and going out to eat at fancy restaurants isn't the option that it used to be anymore.  It doesn't mean that you can't have those delicious foods that you crave. By making meals at home, you can save hundreds of dollars every month. That's a lot that can go to other things.  Getting an appliance that can help you make those favorite foods, then eating your restaurant meals at home, will pay for itself sooner than you think.  And if it's going to pay for itself, shouldn't you choose the best one possible?

So go ahead and shop around for that grill that will meet all of your panini and cooking needs. You will find yourself and your family eating healthier without really trying by eating those yummy sandwiches that you used to have to go to a bistro to get.